When discovering this website designed for everyone who recognizes himself as a fan of the sea and the deep waters, you have to know that it was created 12 years ago by a gang of friends who were all proud having in the past pioneered the development of professional diving on a worldwide basis.

Welcome to the Club des Anciens de Comex (CACX)

Through the links maintained between the Members and the Sympathizers, the purpose of our association is to preserve the memory of the various steps achieved before mastering the deep sub sea human intervention.
We wanted to keep this recollection alive by asking those who participated to this saga to tell us their stories which would be available for you to read in the pages of our liaison periodical publication named Le Ludion.
You will be able to realize how fast this company, COMEX , founded by H.G Delauze , managed to adapt its capabilities to meet the requirement of the oil industry.
Browsing through the website and looking at News and Club Life , you will learn about the past, current and forthcoming activities of the Club or find documents relevant to the most significant past COMEX activities under Archives and Café Comex , Memories and Around the Club
Having looked at the Administration of the Club to discover its various dedicated Commissions, you will access the current Members name list.
You can visit the Shop and see what is there for sale and download a purchase order if interested to buy a nice souvenir.
A number of Internet links with our sister Associations or our sponsors are also available
Finally, perhaps you will enjoy recalling the COMEX saga and some of its major achievements by looking at the Gallery where you will find photos, films , reports.
Anybody having worked for COMEX or being interested by the COMEX adventure, or more generally, by the exploration and the preservation of the Oceans, will be welcome as a Member.( A membership application form can be also downloaded)

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