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The "words" of the President (Ludion 62) and of the Editor


held at 17.30 in Marseilles

January issue: 250 copies printed, 240 sent out.
MPL needs articles for the next issue (April 2014)
We already have some texts on RMP, 3DP and the end of the series on Wet Welding,

MPL: we need to find a back-up solution for when the present web-masters are not available
SITE : apparently not much traffic. We do not have the latest traffic figures.
ALE: we do not know if the site is visited by « English speaking colleagues » ;

The small contributions to the French « Xmas » cake at the last CAFE COMEX allowed the Club to generate a modest profit.
The conferences for March and April are being firmed up.
May: the second Thursday is 8th May (National Holiday in France). JSC will contact the managers of the hall at Mazargues to know if the Hall will be open and if not we need to find another date for May.

Paid-up Membership fees for 2013 : 202 out of a total membership of 224
Paid-up Membership fees for 2014: 36 out of 202
« Friends » of the Club in 2013: 8
« Friends » of the Club in 2014: 3
“Supporters” of the Club in 2013: 5
“Supporters” of the Club in 2014: 0

Date for the AGM
Further to the cancellation of the proposed meeting at Espalion and bearing in mind the lack of time to organise an alternative site for JUNE 2014, the Administrators unanimously decided to hold the AGM in September 2014 (weekend of 1é-14 September + or – a week as a function of the availability of suitable lodging)
JSC presented a proposal for GIENS where we have already held a AGM plus a proposal for ROQUEBRUNE CAP MARTIN
The accommodation at Roquebrune will allow participants to have activities in nearby MONACO.
The proposal for Roquebrune/Monaco was considered the most interesting by all the Administrators who voted for this option.
Diverse points remain to be costed including an option with a long weekend (from the Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon).
The financial contribution of the Club remains to be confirmed as a function of the estimates that will be reviewed by the Activities Committee.

JME was absent further to a hospital operation and JCK was also absent so this Committee was not able to report on its work.

Decision to purchase of 15 copies of the History of the World’s oldest diving club – the GEPS.

Next meeting: Friday 7th March at 17H30

The President The General Secretary

Le PrésidentLe Secrétaire Général


Activités hors CACX hébergées sur son site
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Visit of "Calès" the 29 March 2014

Photos Jacques MERLE.

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Great pictures of the visit " gueules rouges " museum in Tourves the 13 April 2013

Photos Jacques MERLE.

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Hiking at Sainte Baume, 9th of february 2013

Photos Jacques MERLE.

A mouthful of fresh air!

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Sortie au départ de Barcelonnette, 27-28 octobre 2012

Texte et photos Jacques MERLE.

Vendredi 26 octobre, arrivée au centre J. Chaix de Barcelonnette
Samedi 27 octobre, début de la visite du " Fort de Tournoux "sous une pluie " finissante " et ascension vers les diverses constructions fortifiées, très spectaculaires et passionnantes. Visite d' une partie seulement, par sécurité, car l' édifice a été fragilisé par le tremblement de terre du printemps.

Dimanche 28 octobre, perturbés pas des chutes de neige importantes nous nous replions sur Faucon et promenons sous la neige jusqu'au hameau de " Bouzouliere ".

Retour en début d'après midi à cause des intempéries, mais très satisfaits de notre week-end.


Sortie nocturne St Pons, avril 2012

Photos Jacques MERLE.


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